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Hello! Thanks so much for visiting. My name is Lauren Rauseo. I’ve been working as a graphic designer in some capacity for my entire career (and for a long time before that if we count my beloved title as editor-in-chief of my high school yearbook 🙂 ). I’ve been running my own business full-time since 2010, and on the side of a 9-to-5 for years before that. My clients cover many industries, but most are small businesses, local non-profits, and private schools.

As my tagline indicates, I work on print projects, websites and email campaigns. But what my clients will tell you is that above the creative work that I produce for them, my service is what sets me apart: I respond quickly, I communicate effectively and efficiently, I meet deadlines, and I do it all with a smile!

I’ve been working this LBK Designs gig long enough to have learned a few things about myself and my business. For starters, it makes sense for me (and for my clients) to only take on projects for which I am well-suited. If I suspect I am not the right fit for the job, I will let you know that from the beginning. And if I feel I can offer what your project requires, you can trust that I will deliver on my promise.

My style in work and in life is very transparent. So I will tell you here and now that I work from my home office, which allows great flexibility for both me and for my clients. I have three really fun kids who are now all old enough to be in school full-time. When they were little, I spent many years working with a nursing baby on my lap, with Doc McStuffins playing in the next room, or from the lobby of toddler gymnastics. Sometimes I sit on my porch with my laptop and work while my kids ride their bikes up and down the street.

If you are a working mother, are married to one, or if you’ve ever had the pleasure of working with one, you already know that our breed GETS. IT. DONE. So I’m proud to include my “mom credentials” here, as well as my professional ones. Since becoming a parent, I have learned a lot of skills that are applicable to my work — like how to be really efficient in a short amount of time.

Just so you know I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to call myself a graphic designer (be aware — those are around!), here are my credentials:

  • I earned my master’s in publication design from the University of Baltimore in 2006
  • I earned my bachelor’s in mass communications from Towson University in 2003
  • I serve on the board of Monument Women’s Creative Alliance, a networking group (and so much more!) for creative women in Baltimore
  • Before making my own business my full-time endeavor…
    • I spent about 4 years working in a large healthcare organization managing a dozen hospital and entity websites.
    • Before that I worked as a graphic designer for a boutique marketing and communications agency.
    • And before that, I worked for a large financial services firm producing materials for high-end client and sales meetings.

When I’m not busy with client work, I spend time volunteering at my children’s school and (surprise, surprise!) taking photos and creating the school’s yearbook. I also enjoy — in no particular order — doing yoga, running in good weather, reading by the fireplace, sipping soy lattés, tasting wine with friends, and listening to podcasts. I am a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, which means I facilitate workshops for parents wanting to learn new tools for connecting with their kids. And I am passionate about self-care as a means to show up as my best self for others. That service with a smile that I provide is no accident!

Project Process

While every project is unique, I usually follow the same basic timeline. Before beginning a project, I will send you an estimate with the details and scope of the project. When you accept the estimate and submit the deposit, work will begin. I will send you an invoice for the balance when the project is complete.

STEP 1: meeting / research / goal-setting
STEP 2: three rounds of drafts / client feedback / revision
STEP 3: final approval / print prep or online launch
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